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Printed Corset

Printed Corset

La Musa

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While working on this corset, the designer kept our audience's demands in mind and created a classic cut corset with a chest covered with the most iconic LA MUSA print featuring Sandro Botticelli's painting, "The Birth of Venus". This corset combines an exquisite print and a perfect shape that creates an ideal hourglass look. Soft outlines and delicate colors make a woman feel like the painting's muse. Corset with chest fastening with bone shaping along the product creates an hourglass figure.

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Care Guide

Do not put bras in the washing machine or dryer.
Each underwire bra has a protective rubber tip; this protects the garment and your skin from being exposed to the sharp edge of the wire.
Machine washing underwire bras causes the rubber tip and fabric to wear down, which can eventually expose the wire.
Please follow the instructions on the garment label.