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THE WORLD vertical panel

THE WORLD vertical panel


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100% cotton fabric, dead stock from French luxury houses size: 21cm x 60cm 3 buttonholes compatible with the ESSENTIAL SHIRT_01 and the ESSENTIAL SHORT_01 from the White Canvas x Maria Robla capsule collection limited edition collection printed in eco black ink friendly recycled polyester brand and care labels designed and made in Paris please wash them by hand

The panel can be attached to the ESSENTIAL SHIRT_01 or the ESSENTIAL SHORT_01. The goal is to make quality essentials and give the possibility to change their look by buying only panels instead of whole pieces.

single size: 21cm x 60cm


Materials: The panel is made of 100% dead stock cotton fabric from luxury houses. Using dead tissue allows them to be used instead of thrown away. The World print is designed by the artist Maria Robla and printed with RoStudio in an artisanal and ecological way. Since the panel is made of 100% cotton, it is recyclable at the end of its life. All fabrics and treatments are chosen to be as sustainable and friendly to the environment and people as possible.

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Care Guide

Please follow the instructions on the care label and wear your panel attached to your essential piece with a smile.