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Swan White Dress

Swan White Dress

La Musa

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Swan Dress is a dress inspired by Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" ballet. The grace and airiness of dancing swans was conveyed by the pleated white sheer organza that mimics the color and texture of swan feathers.

Transparent lantern sleeves with neat turn-ups at the cuffs closing with 8 pearly buttons. The shape of the sleeves recreates the wings that the swan flaps before taking off into the sky. The grace of the movements of the girl wearing this dress will be as beautiful as the swinging of a swan's wing.

Swan Dress is a reimagining of Black Ink Dress. Details such as two corset cuts on the hips, a short length and an hourglass silhouette form the images of these dresses. A distinctive feature of this particular dress is a corset bracing on the back with a hidden zipper.

The main element of this dress is the V-neckline, inspired by the elegant curve of the gooseneck. The neckline of the dress is adorned with a pleated translucent white organza.

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