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STR01 - Galaxy Gray

STR01 - Galaxy Gray


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STR01 - Galaxy Gray
STR01 - Customization elements

Inspired by the architectural movement of Brutalism, STR01 will help you discover Nyx in a new light. These personalization elements have been designed to be attached to Nyx, offering a wide range of options to suit all styles.

- Galaxy Gray PLA 3D printing
- Compatibility: Designed to fit on Nyx
- Styles: Brutalist
- Made in a French workshop
- Biosourced
Instructions for use: To change the style or color of your pouch, simply attach the corresponding personalization element to the pouch. Make sure the element is firmly attached before using it.

Note: These items are sold separately from our pouches and require a compatible pouch to be used.


PLA is a bioplastic that has the advantage of being both biosourced and biodegradable.

PLA is classified as a 100% biosourced plastic, derived from renewable resources such as maize and sugar cane.

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Care Guide

Our PLA accessories offer a resistance of between five and six kilograms of pressure.