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Soft square bag

Soft square bag


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Who doesn't love movies and movie magic? Movie posters are colorful, beautiful and eye-catching, but when the movie is no longer in theaters, all the big movie banners are no longer needed. The Soft Square bag is made from these film banners salvaged from local Copenhagen cinemas. Each bag is unique and eye-catching with different movie banner colors, letters or features. When ordering, you can request colors or other characteristics. The Soft Square bag measures 40 by 30 cm and the straps measure 115 cm and the handle measures 42 cm. The bag is closed with a ribbon in the middle. Each bag can be rotated so the outside and inside can be reversed.

Materials: The film banners are of different synthetic compositions, mainly in polyester. It is not possible to obtain the specific composition of the fabrics used as they are all second-hand. The banners are collected from local cinemas in Copenhagen and would otherwise have been discarded. Instead, they are transformed into beautiful bags that you can carry on your arm.

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