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Midi Dress

Midi Dress

La Musa

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The Porcelain Hourglass Dress is a sheath bodice midi dress with unique design features that create an unusual and very feminine silhouette.

As corsets came back into fashion in 2020 and became a trend for many seasons to come, LA MUSA became the first brand to create a corset type dress. The dress is completed with exquisite lantern sleeves, held at the arms with elastic.

This dress features a unique pattern specially designed for the collection, one of the trendiest patterns of 2021/22. The pattern is inspired by the patterns of the Chinese porcelain tea service, which gained popularity in the English kingdom and then around the world. These porcelain paintings depicted different stories told in a single color. The symbols used in this design highlight the individuality of LA MUSA, as they present the main elements that define the concept of our brand.

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