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Esmée sky blue enamel drop earrings

Esmée sky blue enamel drop earrings


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These charming glass heart-shaped pendant earrings feature a pleasing blend of rich colors, with shimmering golden reflections swirling around. The handmade and colorful heart-shaped pendants, adorned with 18k gold-plated circles, give the earrings a modern and chic elegance. The colors of the enamel hearts are achieved by adding different minerals to the glass mixture, and will never fade. There are 9 cute colors to choose from for the enamel heart shaped earrings.

handmade item

Materials: enamel pendants, 18k gold plating

Special Notes

There is a handmade difference to the enamel hearts. Since each glass object is a unique handcrafted work of art, slight variations in colors and patterns can be expected. Occasional bubbles and uneven pierced openings are not faults, but signs of the authenticity of glass craftsmanship, where everything is handcrafted using traditional glassmaking techniques, and no machinery is never used in the production process.

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Care Guide

Avoid contact with aggressive substances, such as perfume, hairspray or cosmetics. Whether it's moisturizer or sunscreen, let it absorb into your skin before putting on your jewelry.
Remember to remove your Classicharms jewelery before washing your hands, bathing or using products such as perfume, hair spray, soap or lotion. These products can damage the metal and cause discoloration.