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Embroidered sweatshirt with breast-shaped motifs

Embroidered sweatshirt with breast-shaped motifs


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Boobs come in all sizes and shapes, and just like hand embroidery, no two are ever completely alike. The Boob Sweatshirt is hand embroidered to order and you can choose how you would like your embroidered boobs to be. Maybe you want them to be big or small, symmetrical or asymmetrical, maybe you want one to be bigger than the other or the nipples to point in different directions. Everything is possible. The sweatshirt has a comfortable, oversized fit. Available in pink, orange and black.

To personalize your sweatshirt, please enter Les Grands Créateurs contact information.

Materials: Made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester (70% cotton / 30% polyester) with meticulous hand embroidery and beading.

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Machine wash at 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry, air dry only. Try to wash as little as possible.