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Sexy Pink Corset

Sexy Pink Corset

La Musa

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Discover the Arch Corset, a sexy pink corset, the result of the exclusive collaboration between the internationally renowned fashion designer, Raine Storey, and our house. Inspired by one of Raine's iconic works, this French satin corset embodies artistic elegance and fashion craftsmanship. Redefining the feminine silhouette, the corset enhances the waist and hips, creating a feminine aesthetic while imparting a touch of seduction thanks to its bustier corset design.

Carefully crafted, the Arch Corset features a bright and vibrant print that delicately frames the bust line. The integrated support stays sculpt an hourglass silhouette, ensuring perfect posture and exceptional comfort. The rear lacing, a style signature, not only offers a tailored fit but also an opportunity for customization, with three distinct lacing options.

Whether you're a corset enthusiast or looking to add a touch of creative sensuality to your wardrobe, the Arch Corset will meet your expectations. Let our team of experts guide you in choosing the perfect size, and don't hesitate to share your measurements for an even more personalized experience.

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    Made in: Ukraine