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Black Corset

Black Corset

La Musa

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Discover LA MUSA's Primavera corset, a luxurious and captivating piece of craftsmanship inspired by Botticelli's masterpiece, "Primavera". Every detail of this black corset is designed to highlight each woman's unique beauty, just like the flowers in the painting's celestial garden.

The Primavera corset, adorned with support stays, elegantly sculpts the chest and waist, offering a perfectly feminine hourglass silhouette. The puff sleeves add a romantic touch to the whole. Crafted with care, this corset embodies artistry and creativity.

Be seduced by the fusion of luxury and artistic inspiration in the Primavera corset. A unique piece that reflects your elegance.

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Care Guide

Do not put bras in the washing machine or dryer.
Each underwire bra has a protective rubber tip; this protects the garment and your skin from exposure to the sharp edge of the frame.
Machine washing underwired bras wears down the rubber tip and the fabric, which can eventually expose the underwire.
Please follow garment label instructions.