Tina Aileen

Tina Aileen is an enduring brand founded during the boredom of the COVID-19 lockdown. He intends to keep people smiling by translating the little things we encounter in life into designs. Every design piece has a story to tell. The function begins with the word "FUN". Tina wants to create something that will make people smile and help them inject some color into their lives.

The brand's mission is to transform the world and preserve the environment through enduring devotion, innovative functionality, ingenious designs and inspiring imagery. The brand is committed to continuing to create innovative and sustainable designs, and to inspiring others to use designs as a force for good.

Design is the solution to the problems we face in the world and in our daily lives. We believe that change comes from innovative ideas and actions. We want to tell stories through our collections. After all, good designs have the ability to resonate. Our goal is to donate 10% of our profits to the source of inspiration.