The Yves Saint Laurent See-Through Blouse is the story of a fashion revolution.

This is the story of a fashion revolution. An emblematic piece that shook up the conventions of the time, and continues to inspire the artistic directors of the house!

Yves Saint Laurent See-Through Blouse : Redefining Elegance
In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent propelled fashion into a new era by introducing its first See-Through Blouse. This daring piece defied the norms of the time by making diaphanous fabric the heart of an original statement... The female bust, subtly covered by a diaphanous cicadaline fabric, here gave birth to the nude look... And that is indeed the See-Through Blouse Yves Saint Laurent which paved the way for a radical change in the perception of femininity and sensuality.

The See-Through Blouse created shock waves in 1968 when it was presented by Yves Saint Laurent in a dress adorned with ostrich feathers. The model's breasts, visible through the diaphanous fabric, were understood as a provocation… But this audacious provocation caused a sensation, arousing both admiration and controversy.

In fact, the very essence of the See-Through Blouse is rooted in the era of the 60s and 70s, marked by the sexual revolution and feminism. Yves Saint Laurent has chosen to integrate sheer organza blouses and translucent tops into its collections, as a captivating tribute to the revolutionary spirit of this period.

This initiative was not a simple provocation, but an affirmation of gender equality. The See-Through Blouse has thus prompted a review of dress standards and a celebration of freedom of expression through fashion …. The little prince of couturiers has thus offered his clientele, all generations combined, unequaled assurance and elegant carelessness – in short, sex appeal without vulgarity! Under the tuxedo that often accompanies it, the blouse becomes an icon.

From then on, the see-through blouse became a signature of YSL grammar. Whether it's Hedi Slimane, from 2012 to 2016, who revisits this classic in an edgy and very Parisian vein - the iconic blouse is handled with elegance and sulfurous refinement!

In 2023, Anthony Vaccarello, the current artistic director of the house, perpetuates the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent by reinterpreting the See-Through Blouse Yves Saint Laurent. His vision brings a contemporary touch while respecting the classic heritage of the house. For him, “Saint Laurent embodies a dangerous elegance”, merging the revolutionary past with the audacious present…

It is for men that Anthony Vaccarello presents it. For the first time, therefore, it is on a masculine look that the transparent black blouse distills a mad sensuality!

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